Burning Man fashion meets horses!

Aubrey had the most incredible braids for the Reno Fashion Show when she modeled for the boutique Culture, so I knew she would be the perfect model for this project!

She hasn’t had any real horse experience so being around my little Quarter Horse gelding, Scooter, was totally new to her! She was very brave dressed in skimpy outfits and high heels to jump right on him and do her best poses! She is a sweet and gorgeous girl, and was a fabulous model!

I had her take her shoes off since we were using my arena and we were in deep dirt, and as soon as I turned around to adjust a light Scooter was standing right on her bare foot! I was mad at myself for risking her safety, I would never be around horses myself in bare feet, or normally suggest that anyone else would be. Thankfully I got him off of her (and he doesn’t wear shoes) and we were able to continue. I’m sure it hurt a lot, but she kept smiling and finished the session like a trooper!

Clothing provided by Culture in Reno

Braids by Tricia Lobe with

Makeup by the model

Model- Aubrey Sadler

Assisted by her mom, Judie, and friend, Jemma