Class of 2020 Free Prom Photos

I know the Class of 2020 must be more than disappointed in how their senior year has transpired. Everything humming along just fine, hardly back from winter break when there was a little buzz about some virus in China that was spreading fast. Ok, so what does that have to do with us?

But by March, things were heading our way and it was getting worrisome. The kids made it to spring break, and thought they would see their teachers and friends again soon. By St. Patrick’s Day, it was serious. People were getting sick in the United States and a quarantine was going to be necessary to rein this in and hopefully get it under control. The news came that school would not be returning and they would all finish online. The seniors were crushed that they were missing out on senior prom, spring sports, and graduation is still up in the air at this point. Such a sad way to end a promising and exciting year.

Girls love to shop for prom dresses, and sometimes get them months in advance, or even a year before if they really fall in love with one! So I thought it would be fun to put those dresses on, along with fancy hair and makeup to go with it!
I set up a Saturday afternoon in the park for complimentary prom photos for the students that wanted them, and to have an opportunity to get dressed up and have that special feeling. I encouraged them to plan a family dinner and even dance together, I hope they did!

Here is a sneak preview video, and I’ll add the finished photos to the post later! I was busy working fast, so didn’t get video of everyone, but I will post pictures of each participant. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Class of 2020 Free Prom Photos”

  1. Camille Roberts

    Thank You so much for this very special opportunity for the Class of 2020 that didn’t get prom…. Your photos mean the world to us❤

  2. Melanie Strait

    How do I sign my daughter up for Senior prom pictures. She just walks around the house with her dress on. So sad…

    Thank Melanie

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