Gypsy Horse and young girl

One of the best sessions I had almost didn’t happen….

We had a workshop scheduled in Yuba City, California for the amazing Gypsy Horses owned by Pat and Kelly Daddow, and had professional child models planning to attend. Yente is a gorgeous silver dapple mare, and Sequoia is a black and white gelding with Paint markings.

Well, during that June of 2018 there were horrible fires and the air was thick with smoke. We traveled from Reno to stay in our fifth wheel at a campground in Nevada City and then drove to Yuba City from there, and the photographer who was planning to lead the workshop decided to cancel, as well as the models. When I saw the horses and the beautiful backyard where the session was to take place I was so disappointed that the session was being canceled. They wanted to reschedule on a date that I wasn’t available also, so I had one chance and it looked like it just wouldn’t happen.

The Daddows had a girl who was working as their helper and groom, and another one that helped too and was their neighbor, and they stepped up as models even though they had never done it before, and the session was back on! They had all worked hours on grooming the two Gypsies before the session, and it would have been a shame to let that go to waste and start all over again another day (as horses never like staying clean!).

There were lots of helpers that day! Helen and Alicia were the models, and Helen’s mom was a big help, and other friends too. The girls followed my instructions on posing and Kelly held the horses and tried to keep them in place. My wonderful husband came along and held my light for me and moved it around.

Kelly and her friends came up with some costumes, which weren’t the couture gowns the original models planned to wear, but they still looked beautiful and it all came together! The moms did their hair and makeup too!

I didn’t retouch this one, you can see Kelly hiding behind Sequoia!

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