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Kristina is my fabulous go-to makeup artist! She creates most of the wonderful transformations my clients experience when they have a session with me.

I invited Kristina to be in front of my camera with her Great Danes that she absolutely adores, they are a big part of her family and very attached to her.

We are kicking off the Barks & Beauty Experience, and she was a perfect representative of the type of client who suits this perfectly!

Kristina says “My husband always wanted a Great Dane, so I surprised him for his 40th birthday with a unique Harlequin puppy we named Ginormica. She will be 7 in May and shows no signs of slowing down, even though Danes have a lifespan of around 8-10 years.

We loved having a Great Dane so much, we decided to add a second one to the mix. We bought Finn from a local breeder, and he just celebrated his fifth birthday.

Fun fact- when he was 6 months old he broke my ring finger accidentally, and I now have a plate and 2 screws just under my wedding ring!”

“Ginormica, you are as unique and clever as your name and answer to it with sweet gentle grace. I love your hugs; and I mean real, head on your shoulder, pressing in with your eyes closed – hugs. You always know when someone needs it and you’re never stingy with your love. You give me all the sweet puppy love I could ever want.”

“Finn, you love with your entire body. There’s no gentle nudge or soft puppy kiss. You barge in and make sure I know you love me just as much as I love you. From plopping your 160lbs in my lap to pushing your head into my hand with enough force to break a finger (which you’ve done), you love with your whole being. You’re a big goofball and I love everything about you.”

Would you like to create a love story with your dogs to preserve those memories forever? We’d love to welcome you to be a part of the “Barks & Beauty Experience”.

You will have so much fun with professional hair and makeup artistry, outfit planning assistance, use of our amazing studio wardrobe, fully guided posing coaching, same-day ordering, and gorgeous art products.

Then we will create a coffee table book with special love letters written to your dog combined with the beautiful portraits.

We will host a gallery art showing of all of the participants and unveil the book at my Reno studio!

All of the information is on my special website- Barks & Beauty

Or give me a call- 775-745-0445

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