Rainbow Baby Maternity Session

I am truly honored and blessed to work with this special couple, and I have shared their journey since their engagement and now they are preparing to welcome their baby girl in April of 2024!

Here is their story…

This is the sad post that Kylie and Anthony had to share in July of 2022. They got to hold and love on their baby boy who became an angel, it was devastating news. I wanted to share their own words.

Dear friends and family, we have some difficult news to share. We welcomed our angel boy into this world on July 8th at 8:03pm. Anthony and I were told at our anatomy scan that my placenta was small and was failing. We were then told that our boy had stopped growing at about 18 weeks. We were told that stillbirth was imminent. We enjoyed every last moment we had with him, every last kick. He was such a strong boy. Our sweet boy was born stillborn at 23 weeks and 1 day. He was so perfect. Perfect little nose, ten fingers and ten toes. He was so little. We are devastated that we didn’t get to bring our boy home and watch him grow. But, we know that he is all around us and will help us get through our grief. We are so thankful to be your parents, Noah Anthony. We chose your name because Noah means “to rest” and we knew when we met you, that is exactly what you would be doing. Resting peacefully. We miss you so much and every moment is filled with thoughts of you. We know that God is holding you tight and giving you lots of love for us. We can’t wait to be with you one day. Until then, please watch over us, help us make the right decisions, and help God pick out the most perfect brothers or sisters for you. We love you sweet boy, we always will.

With lots of love,

Mommy and Daddy

Now they are getting ready for their baby girl soon! When we took these portraits for their pregnancy announcement, they were beyond excited to be expecting again! I can’t imagine how nerve wracking every week was, counting down to viability. But they were also thrilled to share the news, and everyone who loves them was incredibly happy as well!

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after a loss, the rainbow gives your hope back!

Fast forward to almost 31 weeks, and it was time for a full maternity session! We decided to have a studio session because of it being mid-winter and unpredictable weather. It was nice to have a completely different look and vibe to the session as well. For both sessions, Kylie chose several of my studio wardrobe gowns, skirts, and bodysuits as well as a ruffly purple robe to compliment her beautiful baby bump!

Telling your own story with a maternity session is a lasting legacy. Your child will look with wonder every time at the beautiful photographs, amazed that he or she was that bump that was being showcased. It is part of your history that will be enjoyed again and again, and so meaningful as time flies by. You may not feel your best, whether it’s the morning sickness (that lasts all day), the stretch marks, the extra weight, or the pain or discomfort. I will take my time to make you feel gorgeous and you’ll receive the pampering you deserve! I will guide you through planning the perfect outfits, or shopping my incredible studio closet, or a combination of both. Don’t let this special time disappear without this special commemoration of your journey to bring this child into the world.

I love to get creative with maternity sessions! If you have a baby coming this year, don’t wait to reach out to schedule your session at about 30-35 weeks. We can create portraits in the studio, outdoors, or in my boudoir studio. 775-745-0445 sue@sierraelegance.com

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  1. Diana Juarez

    How beautiful that you were able to capture such a blessing of a time for them! In such a classy and empowering way.

  2. Heather Cummins

    Thank you Sue for being such an important part of capturing so many priceless moments for our family! Our house is full of beautiful moments you have captured for our family and now the families of our children as well.

  3. Pat Sulaty

    What precious time in your life! Beautiful pictures, United with parents who love one another and their new baby girl! God’s love in a nutshell!

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