Over 40 Experience

I have truly found such a joy giving women over 40 a luxury experience where they feel valued, heard, and loved, as they should be!

I believe every woman should leave a legacy of portraits for her family, and to do that she needs to actually have them taken! Most women are so busy DOING for everyone else, there is never time for herself to take time out for a pampering experience where she feels like a star for a day!

Now is that time. I create that transformational experience where a woman can find herself again, remember who she was and who she still wants to be, and then find that power and strength every day as she’s empowered looking at her gorgeous album of portraits, or the art on the wall that exemplifies her beauty daily.

Many of the women choose to wear fancy gowns or cocktail dresses from my extensive wardrobe, it just elevates the experience when you truly feel like a princess! But they can also opt to have a casual and/or business outfit that is more of their “real” look, but their very best version. Combining those all together in the session gives a great variety to choose from, and to use for different purposes! Branding for work, a super gorgeous headshot she’ll be so proud of, an elegant look for wall art, and some casual portraits to capture the real “YOU”.

And so many women tell me they never get their portraits taken, maybe not even as a high school senior! And they aren’t in family portraits, it’s all about the kids. Then lots of women tell me they’re not photogenic at all. I’d love to prove you wrong! Time for you to have your moment in the spotlight and shine!

Here are just a few women I’ve photographed for this experience over the past few years, and they have all been so special! Every one of them realized it’s worth investing in herself, and every one of them thought it was well worth it!

Is it your turn? It should be! Give me a call or email me, right now! I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available. 775-745-0445 sue@sierraelegance

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