10 Tips for Curvy/Plus-Size Boudoir Photo Shoot Clients

  1. Go sleek and formfitting! Sometimes you might want to hide your body, but the best way to accentuate your curves is to wear clothing that shows your shape. Trust me on this!
    Make sure all of your lingerie and clothing choices fit well. And it’s much easier to retouch the small lumps and bumps than it is to shrink a baggy garment.
  2. Bodysuits are a definite DO! They are flattering to all shapes and sizes. They can have long sleeves, straps, lots of options (but I don’t recommend short-sleeved, they cut off arms in the wrong way). Strappy, lacy, solid, high cut, low cut in front or back, so many choices!
  3. Solid colors are important. Don’t wear patterns, neon or bright colors, anything that will distract the eye. Those will bring attention to the areas you may be trying to minimize.
  4. Don’t wear babydolls or gowns. They can be comfortable but are not figure-flattering on anyone, they make all sizes look bigger than they are. Pretty much nobody wants that!
  5. You can wear shapewear! Yes, you can wear Spanx under your lingerie if you feel that it holds you in better! They can shape and smooth your curves. Just make sure they fit correctly under your chosen outfits and are the appropriate color. You can also wear a bra that fits you well under your lingerie for a layered look.
  6. Corsets- you can choose to wear a corset if you really want to bring your waist in tight! I will help you lace it up. Just know that it can be limiting when posing, and you want to make sure you’re not spilling out the sides or back. If you can find a corset with cups it will look better than ones that flatten your chest.
  7. Posing is super important to flatter your figure and make you look your very best. I pose my curvy clients the same way I would any shape client– I never turn your body straight on to the camera, I would never shoot from below, and I know the right angles to hide and showcase all the right places! It really takes an expert to make every client look perfect, and I have that experience!
  8. Details- pay attention to all the details to bring your A-game to your session! Make sure your nails are perfect, I always recommend a neutral color polish or French manicure. Toes and feet should be looking their best too, don’t forget to check your toenail polish! Moisturize your body and drink plenty of water in the week before your session.
  9. Stretch! You are going to be doing a lot of arching and bending which really makes your body look amazing! I’ll be honest, it’s not always super comfortable, but it’s ALWAYS worth it! You will probably be sore for a day after.
  10. Relax and enjoy the experience! You will have amazing memories of a special day that you were completely pampered and felt like a supermodel! Isn’t it worth investing in yourself for a luxury experience with premium art products to match?
  11. Bonus tip– you don’t have to lose weight before your session! Every woman says that no matter what size she is! Use this as a real opportunity for body love and acceptance, just the way you are at this very moment. You are perfect just the way you are! If you do make the choice to lose weight I will photograph you again with no additional session fee. You only pay the hair and makeup artist. Great deal, right?

Comment below, what are your favorite outfits and sets?

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What to wear for a boudoir session when you’re not a lingerie girl

A lot of women think because they are not into wearing lingerie, or maybe their partner doesn’t really care about it, that they can’t do a boudoir session.

I want to give you lots of ideas for things to wear besides lingerie that will make you look beautiful, feel like your true sexy self, and not have to buy things you don’t even like and will never touch again!

  1. A crop top- wear a sexy top that bares your midriff and that might be too scandalous to wear in public! Pair with pretty panties that are your style, short shorts, or nothing else!
  2. Jeans- wear your ripped jeans or your dressy jeans, whatever suits your personal style. Pair with bare feet, boots, or stilettos
  3. Bodysuit- these are some of my favorites! They are available in so many places and so many variations that work well. Anything from lace, sheer, solid, strappy, long-sleeved. They all look great and flattering to every body type. You feel a little covered in all the right places. See my Amazon wish list for lots of suggestions.
  4. Boots- what boots do you love? Thigh-high stilettos, cowgirl, blingy, biker? Let’s talk about what goes with them!
  5. Sports gear- let’s be honest, I don’t love photographing girls in jerseys. They are big and bulky and not that flattering. But you can still bring them and they can be used as a prop for sure! I recommend tight t-shirts and crop tops with your favorite team that just barely cover you. Ball caps or beanies might be OK at the very end of your session as well. You can bring balls, bats, etc. if it’s super important to you or your partner, but I don’t do a lot of “props” usually.
  6. Jacket- if you have a leather jacket, blazer, etc. that can be a dressy addition to your wardrobe. Wear a lacy or strappy bra underneath or nothing at all.
  7. Business attire- fulfill a little fantasy with a business skirt and blouse with pearls and start slipping them off.
  8. Fishnet stockings– ok, these are lingerie technically, but you can pull them on over a pair of panties or bare, and they are a great outfit all on their own! Easy and hot!
  9. His shirt– I recommend a solid color shirt and only if he’s not twice your size! There are lots of ways to use a shirt but I try to make sure it doesn’t add to much bulk and it’s still flattering.
  10. Body chains– a lot of ladies have never considered this idea, but body chains are readily available on Amazon and add a lot of depth and dimension to simple outfits like bodysuits, or add texture to skin with nudes. Very pretty and elegant!
  11. Bridal– most brides default to white lingerie, but you can use your wedding wardrobe to add beauty to your boudoir session. Definitely your veil if you’re wearing one and your shoes. Many times I will hang the bridal gown to show in the background of the boudoir set. You can even be stepping into your gown with many sexy poses at different angles.
  12. Sheets– I do a lot of poses with white sheets that every woman loves, but you are welcome to bring the sheets of your choice! I recommend queen size so the fitted sheet can go on the bed, and you can wrap up in the flat sheet as well as using the pillowcases. Ideas that work beautifully are gold satin sheets, turquoise or teal, and even black!
  13. Wings! We have gorgeous couture wings available for rental in a flattering blush color. They will truly make you feel like a celebrity and supermodel all in one!
  14. Hats– only if they are truly YOU, but a hat can be a fun add on. Maybe you want to go for a steampunk or boho style?
  15. Skirt– we have a lot of flowy tulle skirts available for a truly romantic look
  16. A comfy sweater– it can be really sexy to wear a sweater that falls off your shoulders but looks pretty at the same time
  17. A cocktail dress– how about your favorite elegant dress that you never get to wear? It’s a great way to get warmed up for your session too!
  18. A fur– wearing a real or faux fur jacket or vest can make you feel extra elegant
  19. A bathing suit– it might sound weird and it needs to be the right style, but swimsuits can be flattering and hold you in. They can also be great for pinup!
  20. Shapewear– some shapewear looks good all by itself, and don’t forget to look at vintage shapewear if that’s your vibe.
  21. BONUS!!! Wear NOTHING at all!!!

Here are a few ideas for you below!

If you haven’t already, join my private VIP Facebook group for more ideas and interaction, and a chance to win great prizes! https://www.facebook.com/groups/sierraeleganceboudoir

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One of the best sessions I had almost didn’t happen….

We had a workshop scheduled in Yuba City, California for the amazing Gypsy Horses owned by Pat and Kelly Daddow, and had professional child models planning to attend. Yente is a gorgeous silver dapple mare, and Sequoia is a black and white gelding with Paint markings.

Well, during that June of 2018 there were horrible fires and the air was thick with smoke. We traveled from Reno to stay in our fifth wheel at a campground in Nevada City and then drove to Yuba City from there, and the photographer who was planning to lead the workshop decided to cancel, as well as the models. When I saw the horses and the beautiful backyard where the session was to take place I was so disappointed that the session was being canceled. They wanted to reschedule on a date that I wasn’t available also, so I had one chance and it looked like it just wouldn’t happen.

The Daddows had a girl who was working as their helper and groom, and another one that helped too and was their neighbor, and they stepped up as models even though they had never done it before, and the session was back on! They had all worked hours on grooming the two Gypsies before the session, and it would have been a shame to let that go to waste and start all over again another day (as horses never like staying clean!).

There were lots of helpers that day! Helen and Alicia were the models, and Helen’s mom was a big help, and other friends too. The girls followed my instructions on posing and Kelly held the horses and tried to keep them in place. My wonderful husband came along and held my light for me and moved it around.

Kelly and her friends came up with some costumes, which weren’t the couture gowns the original models planned to wear, but they still looked beautiful and it all came together! The moms did their hair and makeup too!

I didn’t retouch this one, you can see Kelly hiding behind Sequoia!

To plan your own fantasy session, contact us today for a complimentary consultation and we can talk about your horses and your vision!
We fully assist you in choosing your clothing and location, and how to prepare your horses for the best experience and results!

775-745-0445 Sue Halliburton sue@sierraelegance.com


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10 Reasons You Need To Do A Boudoir Session Now!!!

I know how it is as a wife and mother to put yourself on the back burner, and especially during an unprecedented quarantine with everyone at home! I don’t have kids at home anymore, so I can’t imagine how hard it was when school was canceled and there are literally no activities to send them to. I think all moms deserve to truly pamper and care for themselves and even reward themselves for their hard work and dedication to their families! There are so many other reasons to have a boudoir experience with Sierra Elegance Photography, but that is definitely a big one! Here are some more–

From everyday mom to bombshell beauty!
  • You have a birthday coming up! This is such a fabulous way to celebrate your special day, being totally pampered with hair and makeup and a super fun time. You will be the center of attention and go home looking gorgeous and ready for a night out! Or a night in is great too if that’s how you want to celebrate, but it will be an unforgettable day.

  • For your anniversary! It’s truly the ultimate gift to give your partner, but it’s also for you. Give him something so special and intimate that nobody else could give. He will be blown away!
  • You are a bride to be! Whether your date is postponed or you’re in the stages of planning, this is a gift that your new husband will truly treasure. You will always treasure this special time, and a boudoir album of stunning photographs will bring you back to this moment, and appreciate your true beauty as you were becoming a wife.
  • It’s on your bucket list! Conquer your fears and go for it! This experience will give you so much confidence and you will never regret doing it!
  • It’s an opportunity to be pampered! You will relax and indulge in professional hair and makeup artistry, maybe a mimosa, and a silk robe. Listen to your favorite music and then you’ll be coached and guided through posing and expressions to look your very best!
  • You are getting divorced or are newly single…your life is changing dramatically and you want to celebrate your new start. This is a great way to feel your best and get off on the right foot. These photographs will bring you confidence in yourself and your choices in life!
  • You are celebrating a milestone in life! Whether it’s a job change or promotion, a move, or something else that means a lot, this is a great way to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments!
  • You are having a BIG birthday! Or maybe he is? Every one is worth celebrating, but when you have a 30th, 40th, 50th birthday, or beyond, it’s extra special to have something so memorable for yourself or someone who means the most to you.
  • You are having a milestone anniversary! Marriage is definitely worth celebrating in these trying times, and celebrating the bigger ones is worth going all out! We have so many album cover options in different materials and textures, you can even celebrate with wood, paper, silver, and so many more.
  • You deserve it! You have worked so hard to take care of your family. You never have any “ME” time. You have entertained, educated, cooked, cleaned, and maybe still tried to work from home and keep all the balls in the air. Splurge on yourself to recognize how much you’ve done and just take it all in. Look back on these times and remember the good parts!

There are so many more reasons, this is just a start!

Book your complimentary consultation today, and select a time between now and the end of the year. Our availability is limited and going fast, so don’t delay if you’re even considering it.

We offer the highest level of service to every client, including a phone discovery call, a planning consultation, professional hair and makeup, guided posing, ordering guidance, and professional retouching of all of your photographs. We only offer premium products that are the most luxurious and will last for a lifetime!

Call or email today– 775-745-0445 boudoir@sierraelegance.com

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Scooter is a Model!

Our little horse, Scooter, was a perfect gentleman for this portrait session! Amaya just turned 7, and Emma is only 2. Their mom booked this session in December, but we had to reschedule a couple times due to weather. She was hoping for snow, but Amaya isn’t a fan of the cold! Emma doesn’t care, she is happy in any kind of weather.

The girls chose dresses from my extensive studio closet, there were so many choices that would have looked great on them, but they ended up with pink. It was still chilly on that May evening, so I grabbed coats for them to put over the dresses in between poses, but they were shivering because it was very windy. They were troopers though, and did a great job!

Scooter was great too, he stood very still knowing these little girls needed to stay safe. He was falling asleep and didn’t move his feet unless he was told to. I’m glad he’s so mellow, our other horse never would have been that calm! He didn’t mind when they climbed on his back either. Emma wasn’t quite ready to get on all the way, but she was happy to hug his neck and leg with Mom close by.

I think the next thing I want to try with Scooter will be my beautiful blush angel wings! I am happy to offer his services for any little horse lovers who would like to pose with him!

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Class of 2020 Free Prom Photos

I know the Class of 2020 must be more than disappointed in how their senior year has transpired. Everything humming along just fine, hardly back from winter break when there was a little buzz about some virus in China that was spreading fast. Ok, so what does that have to do with us?

But by March, things were heading our way and it was getting worrisome. The kids made it to spring break, and thought they would see their teachers and friends again soon. By St. Patrick’s Day, it was serious. People were getting sick in the United States and a quarantine was going to be necessary to rein this in and hopefully get it under control. The news came that school would not be returning and they would all finish online. The seniors were crushed that they were missing out on senior prom, spring sports, and graduation is still up in the air at this point. Such a sad way to end a promising and exciting year.

Girls love to shop for prom dresses, and sometimes get them months in advance, or even a year before if they really fall in love with one! So I thought it would be fun to put those dresses on, along with fancy hair and makeup to go with it!
I set up a Saturday afternoon in the park for complimentary prom photos for the students that wanted them, and to have an opportunity to get dressed up and have that special feeling. I encouraged them to plan a family dinner and even dance together, I hope they did!

Here is a sneak preview video, and I’ll add the finished photos to the post later! I was busy working fast, so didn’t get video of everyone, but I will post pictures of each participant. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Class of 2020 Free Prom Photos”

  1. Camille Roberts

    Thank You so much for this very special opportunity for the Class of 2020 that didn’t get prom…. Your photos mean the world to us❤

  2. Melanie Strait

    How do I sign my daughter up for Senior prom pictures. She just walks around the house with her dress on. So sad…

    Thank Melanie

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Northern Nevada Equestrian Project

I’m so excited! Thanks to having extra time at home to do nothing but work, I have caught up on so many things!
The project I’ve been working on for two years finally came to fruition and I’m so proud of myself! Below is the MagCloud link if you’d like to check it out and purchase one.

The books arrived today and they are awesome, I’m so happy with them! Most of them are already purchased, but I should have a few extra to buy directly from me.

I’m so grateful to the equestrians who participated. It was so much fun to get to know other horse people in northern Nevada and tell their stories!

I’m really looking forward to doing this again in 2020, and the session fees will be donated to a local equine charity. It’s going to be a hard decision to pick one, but I will definitely ask for help and recommendations. I will also donate some editorial photography services to some additional organizations that could use it as well, so keep me in mind for that! If you are interested in being a part of this year’s project, contact me with your name, phone number, and email address at sue@sierraelegance.com and I’ll give you all the details.

Northern Nevada Equestrian Project

By Sue Halliburton in Equine Photography

62 pages

Find out more on MagCloud
Teen girl and her horse
One of the spreads from the book of the lovely Teaira and her darling Mustang filly, Piper
Woman and horse with mountains in the background
Prominent local attorney Kathleen Sigurdson and her love, Cinnamon Tea

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Meet Felina! Brave 5 year old in the fight of her life!

Through the magic of Facebook, I got to meet the Montgomery family and learned about Felina’s diagnosis of leukemia almost exactly a year ago, on April 24th of 2018 when she was just four.
She began the fight of her life with the support of her parents, Mathew and Tiffany, as well as her brother, Mathew. She has been doing great, kicking cancer’s butt! She has had to deal with chemo, radiation, losing her hair, and steroids which affect her in a lot of crazy ways.
I was excited to give her the experience with her mom of rummaging through my studio closet and have them pick out fancy dresses and have a fun portrait session. I was hoping to give Felina positive memories during this challenging time. She was very strongly opinionated on what she would wear or being posed, but I still got some great portraits! She definitely has her own mind and she’s a fighter!
She has had to endure many blood transfusions and blood draws, as well as platelet transfusions, and lumbar punctures. She also has a port in her chest for systemic treatments. She had 231 doses of oral chemo treatments (or more) in the period of one year! There is so much more but that’s just a start.
I couldn’t even imagine going through everything she has! She has been able to eat, walk, and talk throughout it all.
She finally had the chance to start kindergarten in March and then the pandemic started and she was done for the year. So that was a bummer, but she gets to learn at home with her big
brother. She is supposed to have a full year and a half of treatment and be totally cancer free!
For more information or to follow Felina’s progress and story, join her group Felina’s Fight on Facebook You can also get more information about childhood cancer in northern Nevada by going to Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

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Headshot Mini-Sessions Day!

Every so often I try to offer a convenient, quick, and value-priced option for headshots! They still include professional makeup and hairstyling, lots of poses to choose from, and perfectly retouched images.
Here are a few of the lovely ladies I was privileged to photograph in 2020!

Their careers are vastly different, but they are all making incredible contributions to our community of Reno and northern Nevada with their skills and talents!

Get in touch with us to schedule on a mini-session day if you don’t feel that you need a full session.

775.745.0445 or info@sierraelegance.com


Burning Man fashion meets horses!

Aubrey had the most incredible braids for the Reno Fashion Show when she modeled for the boutique Culture, so I knew she would be the perfect model for this project!

She hasn’t had any real horse experience so being around my little Quarter Horse gelding, Scooter, was totally new to her! She was very brave dressed in skimpy outfits and high heels to jump right on him and do her best poses! She is a sweet and gorgeous girl, and was a fabulous model!

I had her take her shoes off since we were using my arena and we were in deep dirt, and as soon as I turned around to adjust a light Scooter was standing right on her bare foot! I was mad at myself for risking her safety, I would never be around horses myself in bare feet, or normally suggest that anyone else would be. Thankfully I got him off of her (and he doesn’t wear shoes) and we were able to continue. I’m sure it hurt a lot, but she kept smiling and finished the session like a trooper!

Clothing provided by Culture in Reno

Braids by Tricia Lobe with

Makeup by the model

Model- Aubrey Sadler

Assisted by her mom, Judie, and friend, Jemma